Tiger FC Big Away Game @ Kuching – Preview

I was here last night!

I have missed few Tiger FC games during my time in KL, and I didn’t want to miss this one. Thanks to Mike, I made it to Kuching’s first Tiger FC game!

This event was held in front of DUBS complex (just behind the HSBC building, and not far off from Travilion). Pardon my quick Photoshop map job below, but I guess it’s clear enough to tell you where the event was held at.

Tiger FC Preview

Here are some preview from the event last night.

Tiger FC Preview

Beer and Football = life?

Tiger FC Preview

Glen Johnson of Portsmouth on the screen!

Tiger FC Preview

Tiger Beer.

Tiger FC Preview

The two live matches telecast were:

  1. Portsmouth vs Everton; and
  2. Tottenham vs Chelsea

The rest of the photos in next post. Cheers!

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4 thoughts on “Tiger FC Big Away Game @ Kuching – Preview

  1. ahlost: coz we are the teaser gang mah… hahaha! =p
    allen: oo, that was what ah mike meant… i tot he’s going to some stadium to watch football… saw the props being setup on saturday evening… luckily did not rain that night.., else wouldn’t be as happening…

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